I have mostly spent the time since I got up chatting via Messenger to a very  nice lady.  This lady was duped by a man misappropriating Captain Thomas Lindegaard’s images.  Claimed to be with the Maersk Line, but as an engineer.

This low life was going by the name Shaw Dornan (what his Mamma & Pappa like to call him??) and Thomas Lingard on Facebook.  In fact, his profile is still there.

Here it is:

Yet another fake profile misappropriating Captain Thomas Lingaard’s image.  “Thomas Lingard”

I have reported it of course, but it is so difficult to get Facebook (and other social media sites) to take appropriate action.  Their stock responses is:

Inadequate Facebook response to reporting a fake profile.

Oh, wait – a small SUCCESS!  Facebook have removed the profile “Thomas Lindegaard Amacute”.  YAY!!!

Fake profile on Twitter – James WilliamesHere’s another one on Facebook:

Fake profile on Facebook – Jason Messer

And another

Fake profile – Captain Henry Bradley Thomas

There are so many, that I have put them into a slideshow – these are not all of the profiles, I had to stop as there are too many.  I will add more at a later date.

2 thoughts on “Fightback

  1. Someone is using these pics and signed up for an OKC account under the name of Bryan. He states that he is a captain via the Maersk line. He is presently (1/3/2018) on his way to Asia and will be back in two months. We used WhatApp and under phone number of 929-314-8966. He said that he would fly back to meet me before the two months. He refused to video chat before he “left” for Asia, so I bid him farewell. I decided to do a reverse image check and found him here. Profile has already been reported to OKC as of today.


    1. Thank you for bringing this to our notice and for reporting the account. Sadly, it is an ongoing battle and the fakers continue to use Captain Lindegaard’s images. Over time, these people will have to give up as are vigilant and we are not going away.


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