Dear diary …

28th November 2017 @ 16:15


My heart is heavy.  In fact, for a little while there I was bereft.  My gorgeous Captain has disappeared off Facebook.  Was it something I said?  Did my campaign get too much with all the sharing and Tweeting and posting of his image and his name?

But wait – maybe putting my ego aside, the disappearance of his Facebook profile and page is nothing to do with me.

I was surprised though .. at how crestfallen I was.  Perhaps, I pondered, he is simply sick of it all.  Sick of Mr Facebook and sick of all the wailing women berating him for duping them.  HE DIDN’T!!  Wise up guys! (or gals for that matter).

Puzzled by his disappearance, and not quite ready to let any tenuous connection go yet, I Tweeted him.  This is the response I got:

Deactivated, yes, as someone has reported me for identity theft and being fake!

Really?  I mean – REALLY!!!

At first I thought that one of the fakers had tried to get him off Facebook because too many profiles are getting shut down.  Then I slowly realised – it is most likely some dupee who believes it was him that suckered them.

How sad.  How very, very sad.  That there are hundreds of fake profiles on #Facebook that are so difficult to get shut down – and yet the REAL MCCOY, has felt it necessary to deactivate his own profile.

Over the course of this week, I have spent more than I ever have on promoting my posts on Facebook, so intent was I to spread the message as far as I could – within a reasonable budget.  It seemed a small price to pay given that some women have been duped out of thousands.  At least it was my choice – my own free will to spend this money.  It was a rational decision and not one based on a falsely elicited emotion.

But no more.  I will not spend a cent more (or a pound for that matter) with Mr Facebook and his fabulously rich cronies!  I am done with them.

I will continue to use social media as I have connection to friends and family including some overseas.  I will, however, be circumspect about what I share on there and I will definitely IGNORE all sponsored posts and adverts that appear in my feed.

Captain Lindegaard tried to fight back.  Not only to protect his own identity and images, but to warn others of the dangers.  How pitiful that he has been scapegoated in this way.

For the first time since this sorry saga began, I am more than a little exasperated with the dupees.  My patience and compassion has lessened.

Grow up.  Get over yourselves … and stop getting emotionally invested in someone you haven’t met!  Yes – I admit, I was somewhat emotionally invested in Fake-Thomas.  The difference being, I had a smattering of healthy scepticism, that allowed me to switch off that emotional investment as soon as I was over the initial shock.

That is all I have to say on the matter, dear diary.  I am not yet sure whether I will continue with this campaign.  Not for the sake of people who have reported Captain Lindegaard for being a fake!  Ye gods!  Wake up and smell the coffee!


Maybe not later,

Carol xOxO


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