Dear diary…

29th November 2017 06:52

What next for me?  Where do I take this next, if at all?  I left my pooch sleeping soundly in my bed (for the last number of weeks he has taken to sleeping with me again – I have allowed this as it has been comforting to have a living, breathing, creature near me through the long nights – he has to go back to his own bed sometime though!).

So incensed, yesterday, was I, that someone had reported Captain Lindegaard to Facebook as a fake, a stealer of identity!   I mean, you couldn’t make it up could you?  For those who have read with me from the beginning, you will know that Captan Thomas Lindegaard – of the cute Dane persuasion – is the guy whose identity not only was used to dupe me, but also hundreds (if not more) of women looking for love online.

So why did this bother me so much?  (Apart from having an ever so slight crush on the gay guy?).  Most likely it is because I hate injustice, of any kind.

Never turn a blind eye – it is not my way

Not least, the injustice that a man who is spending his precious time trying to warn women that his image has been misappropriated multiple times, when he could very well just ignore the situation and get on with his own life unperturbed.

That some woman who has allowed herself to be duped because she has not taken the proper precautions – to accuse the Real-Thomas of being a fake and a duper – is outrageous to me.  Note, dear diary, that my compassion towards such women has waned somewhat!

Incredulous though it is, that Mr Facebook would profess that such fake profiles do not infringe on their community policy and refuse to take them down – to then castigate the ONE AND ONLY Captain Lindegaard is ludicrous – and says a lot about #Facebook.

I had thought yesterday that it was Captain Lindegaard that had deactivated his account – I am not so sure now, whether it was in fact Facebook who deactivated it!  This uncertainty because a German lady who follows my Facebook page and contributes her own fight to take down the fakery, posted that he had submitted his ID.  So, dear diary, perhaps Captain Lindegaard did not simply become sick of it all (which surely he must be, on some level at least) – but was unceremoniously dumped by the very platform that holds hundreds of fake profiles purporting to be him?!!!

This campaign has been so very important to me, not least to focus my attention from any potential hurt inflicted by the discovery that I was duped; as I said: I can’t abide social injustice of any kind.  I have been known to be an avid social commentator now and then on matters that treat others so badly and unfairly.

What next?

Back to my original question.  I really am not sure what to do next.

I no longer choose to spend my hard earned money with Mr Facebook to raise awareness of this – or any other – issue.  Mr Facebook and his cronies have steadfastly ignored me – heck – they probably  haven’t even registered that I am more than a little mad with them.  My Tweets have gone unnoticed, my open letter via IM has been ignored. What to do?  I am one woman.

I have though, enjoyed writing and posting tremendously.  So I will continue to do this on some level.   It is gratifying when you know people have read your blog – and I am a frequent checker of stats to be sure on this.  It must be said though, the traffic that I am getting is probably mostly down to paid advertising.  I can’t be sure yet as I have not checked the tracking pixel – but if the stats on the paid promotions are anything to go by, then the link clicks equate to readers of my blog.

As stated – my intention is to spend not a penny more with Mr Facebook, and so I am sure that my daily traffic will dwindle.  I will continue to Tweet on Twitter, and although it is gratifying to know that my stats have increased on that platform too – the majority of my readers come from Mr Facebook.

The plan is fluid

Here’s the plan.  I will continue to post when I feel I have something to say on the matter – or matters related to the things I have written about.  Love, life, relationships – the perils and pitfalls of online dating.

If I come across a fake profile, then I will post it on my Facebook page.  I’ve said my final cyber-goodbyes to Captain Lindegaard.  It is time for “us” to part ways.  He is not the man I think he is.  Yes, indeed, I believe him to be a good and honourable man, from the little I know of him from his online.  I do not, though, know the man himself.  He has been dignified and circumspect in his communications.  Gracious too – after all, he did not have to enter into any level of communication with me, or indeed any of the women have been duped by douchbags using his image.

So, dear diary, I will leave it there.

With a plaudit to a man I don’t know.  I wish you well Captain.  May your seas always be calm, and your soul always have light.

Goodbye, my Thomas – I will miss you.

Carol xOxO

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The only image of Captain Lindegaard that I remain attached to. I am working on that!

As ever, images of Captain Thomas Lindegaard are used with his kind permission.  Copyright remains with him and these should not be used for any reason without his explicit consent.

If you are approached on any site from a profile using images of this man (Captain Thomas Lindegaard), please be aware that there is a Tsunami of fake profiles out there using his images.

You can no longer report such occurrences to him as he is, for the time being at least, no longer on Facebook.



2 thoughts on “Dear diary…

    1. Unfortunately there are hundreds of profiles with variations on Thomas Lindegaard Madsen’s name and completely different names. We have been successful in getting a lot removed, but it is a slow process and often requires multiple reporting. There are not many of the Facebook moderators that apply the community standards correctly. As they are removed, they spring up again. The other side to consider is that at least we know who they are. I find it more effective to send alerts to women interacting with the profiles.


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