Dear diary…

1st December, 2017 @ 00:57

Well, a little bit of insomnia tonight and so I have decided to enjoy a glass of red wine, in the hopes it will help me off to sleep.

Today has been a good day 

Firstly, a random message on an IM platform turned out to be the Simon I have been looking out for the last few months.  He has been trying to get me to agree to a date for the past three or four years, and each time I said no, because I was not looking to date at that time.  Unfortunately a change of phones had meant his number wasn’t carried over.  Serendipitously, he installed this app and my number popped up …I myself had only reinstalled this app a few days ago at the behest of a guy I found on Tinder.  (Not a fake one this time) …and hopefully we are meeting up next week too, along with Simon and the long awaited date – I mean, you have to give the guy props for persistence.

As you know, dear diary, I am pretty jaded with online.  Though, after today, I am hopeful my luck is changing.  I spotted a wink on one of my paid for sites from a couple of days ago …and I was quite simply blown away not only by the attraction to the pictures …but also the candid and thoughtfully written bio.

How could I have missed this?  So I quickly dashed off a message and I hope this guy gets back to me.  I’ll keep you posted on that one!

It never rains but it pours

Then blow me … along comes another one …and the ensuing exchange was honest and intelligent.  It seems men are like buses, there are none for ages and then they all come at once.

And then there is the captain

Yes, I know.  He is not my crush …but seriousness aside (the fightback campaign), he has a great sense of humour and I am beginning to think that he loves the attention he gets from his Fake-Thomas-Dupee-Followers.

Why do I think this?  This is what he posted on his #Instagram tonight ..and I really don’t think it was for his mariner-fans.  To be honest, I don’t blame him for having a bit of fun with it!

I swear – the man gets better looking every day.  Seriously …the pictures of him with fuller beard and tweaked tash …do not a heart-throb make.

Facebook no more

He shared with me tonight (via Twitter – we only interact on social media) that he may not return to #Facebook; and who could blame him?  It seems that this is the second time Mr Facebook has deactivated him.  Ludicrous given that out of the 20+ fake profiles I have reported I have only managed to get 2 or 3 closed down.  Make sense of that one, dear diary!

So, it seems Captain McDreamy of the cute Dane persuasion is no more in the Facebook arena.  But wait!  I was contacted by him and he liked a picture that I had posted as a public rather than private setting.  I was quick to change that, I can tell you, dear diary.  The cheek of it …it was in fact one of the fakes returned.  Joined Facebook November 2017 and lives in New York no less.  Harrumph.

He contacted me because I had alerted him to who I am by posting Fake all over his profile.  Maybe not such a smart move as one of the dupees in his friends list appeared to threaten me …I can’t be sure as I am not entirely convinced how accurately Google Translates Ukranian!

Getting back to Captain Lindegaard the 999th.  This is the message exchange:

My response was that I knew that he was not and that I knew him to be a liar and a fake.

His response?

I am ok

To which I reiterated that he was indeed a fake and a liar.  Funny …he stopped trying to convince me after that.

#Facebook failed to remove the profile though ..and he continues to purport to be Captain Lindegaard.

Do I regret or lament being duped?

Actually, and quite surprisingly, no.  Don’t get me wrong, if I was ever face to face with Fake-Thomas I would have no hesitation to cause him grief.  I have though, learned a lot about myself and what I want for my life.  You can’t be all things to all people, and life is too short for toxic friendships.  

Most of all though…I get to enjoy the playfulness that is Captain Thomas Lindegaard of the #Maersk Line and the very big ship.

When I saw what he posted I burst out laughing for real.  No virtual LOL …but a real hearty laugh.

To be fair, I don’t really like to think of myself as some kind of groupie.  I am careful not to post “ooh and ah” comments.  I simply share that I enjoyed seeing them.

If it were not for the Fake-Thomases of the world, I would not have made the virtual-acquaintance of such an interesting man.  For that I will be forever grateful.

Well, dear diary, it is now 01:50 and so I will bring this to a close, finish my wine, and try for sleep.

Goodnight, dear diary, you have been a blessing to me these last 11 days.


Carol xOxO

Website     Facebook page      Twitter  @BeYourBestSelf2 / Twitter @FakeDatingRebel   Social Media Groups

 The only image of Captain Lindegaard that I remain attached to. I am working on that!

As ever, images of Captain Thomas Lindegaard are used with his kind permission.  Copyright remains with him and these should not be used for any reason without his explicit consent.

If you are approached on any site from a profile using images of this man (Captain Thomas Lindegaard), please be aware that there is a Tsunami of fake profiles out there using his images.

You can no longer report such occurrences to him as he is, for the time being at least, no longer on Facebook.

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