Dear diary …

2nd December, 2017 19:01

Today I have mostly been nursing a slight hangover!  Went out with a girlfriend last night with the intention of staying out only an hour or so to check out a brand new bar, which had just opened that day.

I must say, I was very impressed.  The venue is lovely…a complete transformation from the family owned Greek restaurant that had occupied the premises for more than 35 years!  I was a little disappointed though that on subsequent trips to the bar I either had to wait for the staff to stop chatting to each other before they noticed me …or even worse …being unnoticed by four off then stood facing the bar counter.  What am I?  Invisible??

My pet peeve

This is a pet hate if mine, as is being served out of turn.  In my early 20s I took a second job in a bar to be able to earn enough to qualify for a second mortgage.  For the years that I tended bar I ALWAYS made sure to notice and serve the next person in line.

I have been known to cause a fuss if this does not happen.  Most recently a few weeks ago when I was out of town with ex-friend and another friend.  We had arrived at a busy bar where a former work colleague of ex- friend was tending bar.  He greeted ex-friend and served her immediately.  He then, rather than serve myself and my other friend, proceeded to serve people that had just arrived at the bar!

Needless to say I had no hesitation in telling him exactly what I thought of him.  If it had not been for the fact that ex-friend already had her drink – I would have walked out and taken my money and my custom elsewhere!

Don’t get me started on the extremely rude guy that incensed my friend so much with a very disrespectful comment that she tipped him off his stool!

Getting back to last night 

My girlfriend and I had a lovely evening , and fuelled by multiple double gins and the best margarita in town (I swear they get stronger each time) we decided to head for an Indian.  It has been some time since I have been to this particular restaurant, and we arrived just before closing time (my past typical MO).  I honestly think we would have been better stopping off for cheesy chips at the rather not-so-dodgy-these-days burger van.

The meal was a huge disappointment to say the least.  Firstly my girlfriend’s Dahl started was as thin and watery as a mealy gruel. Secondly, the naan was so undercooked the middle was raw and uncooked.

Needless to say the waiter was summoned and the offending issues with the food pointed out to him.  It amazes me that restaurants would be so lazy and careless to serve up undercooked food!  This from a well established restaurant.  Either they were being slapdash as it was nearly home time or they simply thought we would be too inebriated to to notice or care.  Not so.

By the way …they did not so much as offer the naan free by way of apology – most decent restaurants would do this without hesitation if they had been caught short passing off undercooked food!

A quiet day with my pooch

So today has been pretty much a quiet day with my pooch …and having a few nice chats with some potential dates – I mean, a girl has gotta pass the time when ever so slightly incapacitated by the previous evening’s partying somehow, right?

A few of the guys I chatted to were decent enough …and one or two of the conversations were quite zany and amusing.  One guy who messaged me though, had me laughing-out-loud.  He was young, pretty-boy and had a body so gym honed and whipped into shape that it made me blush ever so slightly and hide my curvy frame under the duvet!

Now what do you want with me??

I beseeched

I like older women!

He retorted.  I won’t say what else he said as although it didn’t quite make me blush …it would lower the tone of my blog …ahem …sniff!

I shared his images with my girlfriend and she proclaimed him too good to be true and therefore he must be a scammer (everyone’s an expert right? 😞😄🙄).

He did though, pass the Google Reverse image test!

Oh …what was that you say?  You want to see his picture?  You do?  Oh well…in the interests of research you understand…

Back to the Fighback campaign

It has not all been lazing around though.  I have given some more thought to the brilliant plan (at least, I thought so) that I came up with under the shower last night.  Don’t the best ideas always come in the shower?  No?  Oh, that’s just me then …ahem.

The idea that I conceived was to make some noise on Twitter, and try to make the #FakeProfile issue go viral.  It would be much harder for Mr Facebook to ignore our pleadings if more than my few followers were talking about this.

As it happens, I came across this article on #LinkedIn today.  Very apt, although I am less concerned about the political angle as I am the social one.  

If you have a Twitter account please join us.  Heck …if you don’t, it takes seconds to create one.

Please let me know if you would like to participate in the #FightbackFakeProfiles challenge.  
The more people we can get involved the more chance we have of taking the issue viral.  Mr Facebook will surely have to take notice of us then!  You can comment below or email me.


Carol xOxO

Website     Facebook page      Twitter  @BeYourBestSelf2 / Twitter @FakeDatingRebel   Social Media Groups

 The only image of Captain Lindegaard that I remain attached to. I am working on that!

As ever, images of Captain Thomas Lindegaard are used with his kind permission.  Copyright remains with him and these should not be used for any reason without his explicit consent.

If you are approached on any site from a profile using images of this man (Captain Thomas Lindegaard), please be aware that there is a Tsunami of fake profiles out there using his images.

You can no longer report such occurrences to him as he is, for the time being at least, no longer on Facebook.

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