Dear diary …

10th January 2018 (13:27)

Well dear diary, it has been a while since I posted to you.  I decided to forego all things social media during the Christmas/New Year holidays and wasn’t sure whether I would come back to all the fakery or leave it well and truly behind me.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, as I continue to receive messages from people who are either being duped by, or know someone who is being duped by fake-Thomases.  Not only that, I continue to find many fake profiles approaching me on the various dating websites that I use.

Sadly, I also have to report that I may have been conversing with yet another fake for the past three weeks.  More on that later.

On an upbeat note, I am happy to share that I have no less than 4 dates lined up this week!  Yes – you read that correctly – I have managed to break free from my dateless status.  The first is this afternoon, and I have been primping and preening.  Unfortunately, I should have read the label of the product that I bought onboard during my recent cruise – thinking that I was using a dead sea facial mask, the stinging alerted me to the fact that I might have got it wrong!

I am horrified to say that I now have a very angry red patch down the centre of my face!  I’m hoping that my priming base and foundation can cover it!  I can’t cancel as I promise I wouldn’t – as this one has been a long time coming and I have been decidedly flaky about it.  All of the others were arranged within a short time of chatting and certainly on the first day.  Best way – keep it short and sweet.  Time to make a decision whether to pursue after the initial meeting.

So, what of the other potential paramours I blogged about?

Well, I am sad to reveal that I have come to the conclusion that Dishy-guy was indeed a fake, even though he IM’d me a copy of his passport (who does that?) and updated pictures from his supposed ski-break over the New Year.  I wanted to believe that he was real and that he was indeed moving to the UK in April.  I never really settled in my mind that he wasn’t fake – and yesterday I just had to make a decision and call his bluff.  I am not entirely sure I am right – but hey – if he is a regular, stand up guy he will understand where I am coming from and call me when he actually moves.  Won’t be holding my breath on that one!  I will blog more about that later, as it is quite interesting the tiny nuggets that kept me from trusting him.

Although the last communication from him has me thinking I have made a terrible mistake!

10th January 2018 (22:44)

Just returned home from my very first date! Yes folks … I actually had one.  It was pleasant enough and I certainly enjoyed myself.  It made up somewhat for the disappointment earlier in the day when I turned up for what should have been my first date during the afternoon, only to discover on arriving that he had got mixed up and thought we were meeting tomorrow!

He called me and apologised profusely – and we had a long chat on the phone – our first actual conversation as all our communications have been via text and voicemails.  This is the one that I have been exchanging texts with for a few months now – and the one who is 15 years younger than me.  He persuaded me not to give up on him, and although I had to refuse his invitation to meet tomorrow (I already have a date planned, and after today I decided two dates in one day is too much!) I look forward to meeting him soon.

I have a further two dates this week – one definitely confirmed and the other I need to check on as we have not spoken since.   So WOW, yes – 4 dates in 4 days!

So with the exception of the younger guy, all the other dates were made within a short time of exchanging messages.  No messing – straight in there.  I really do think this is the way to go.

I am sad to report that the one that I really liked has gone by the bye.  He lived a bit further away, and although I was willing to give the distance thing a try (only 3 hours down the motorway), it seems he was not.  I know he had been unwell, but it felt as though he was cooling on me.  I kept telling myself to let it go – but then he initiated contact again – and so encouraged by my dating guru (the only friend I discuss my sorry tales of woe with) I decided to be bold and ask to meet.

To make it seem casual, I messaged him to say that I was visiting family an hour from him, and hoped that we could meet up.  I kept checking WhatsApp to see if he had picked up the message – and eventually he did. I did not get an answer though, and although I thought that a little strange, I wondered if he was giving it some thought.

Now – I have no issue with ANY of the men that I am conversing with logging into whichever dating site they use. After all – I still do – it is the nature of the game.  But when at 10pm I saw that he was logged into the dating site that we had started communicating on and had STILL not responded, I got pretty pissed off.  More-so with myself as I had allowed myself to start to bond with him by the nature of our conversations and the length of time we had been chatting.

Needless to say, I hurried off a message to say that I got the message and wished him well.  I didn’t wait around for a reply and cleared all our messages from WhatsApp (of which there were many), blocking him in the process.  I also unmatched with him on the dating site.

I was a little sad, as I really liked this guy.  When I also ditched the Viking I was even sadder.  Moreso it felt, then when I discovered Fake-Thomas was not real.  (or maybe with the passage of time I have forgotten how upset I was initially).

Tomorrow’s date is with Tommy-2-houses, as my guru has so kindly nicknamed him.  He is quite a bit older than me but I like the look of him (although he has admitted the picture is a little out of date) and when he called me we got on like a house on fire and the conversation flowed for over an hour.

I am not expecting it to develop into anything – but I am proud of the fact that I am going out of my comfort zone a little.  After all – nothing much was happening with the approach I was taking and so why not?  I may even be surprised and find that I fancy him after all!

Well, that is all for tonight folks.

Carol xOxO



2 thoughts on “Dear diary …

  1. Timi

    Hi Carol,
    A guy “called” Paul Whickler also uses captain Thomas’ blog photos. Funny that all his romantic messages are also stolen from the internet:) he also sent me his scanned passport…
    Good luck!:)


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