Dear diary …

Sunday, 28th January 2018

It is a lovely (nearly) sunny Sunday morning, and all is good in my world.  Ok, so I am getting over a virus but my sore throat has now gone and my coughing isn’t so bad when I am up and about and moving around.

I’ve exchanged a few chatty messages with a couple of new guys – one that I really like, but who lives a tad far away.  No matter – we are going to try to meet up the next time he is within reasonable distance for business.  The other, just a short train ride away, but so far meh!

I have four dates under my belt now, or five if you count the second date with no. 3.  The Fourth one didn’t go so well – I mean, technically it was fine – but I couldn’t wait to get out of there.  I had nothing in common with this guy – at least, I have no way of knowing if I had anything in common with him as he quite literally dominated the conversation and talked nonstop  from the second he sat down to the moment I made my excuses to leave.  (When I say conversation, I am being generous – a conversation requires that both parties have a turn to speak).

Fifty minutes in, he thought to ask me a question.  I started to answer, but this was soon kicked into touch as he then went on to tell me his version of what I had just shared with him.  Thirty minutes into the coffee date and I couldn’t wait to get out of there, I was so bored.  I resolved to at least give it an hour, and in the event, it took 1.5 hours before he stopped talking long enough for me to say “I have to head off soon …..”.  He looked surprised at this; maybe he thought we were getting on like a house on fire – but then how would he know as he was only paying attention to himself and his relentless (boring) chatter.

Outside of the venue, he asked me which way I was walking, and so I hastily pointed in the opposite direction to they way he was facing (and where he had parked his car).  I thanked him for the coffee, and started to move away.  At this point, he leaned in to kiss me on the cheek – so he kinda missed, but his lips fleeting brushed my skin.  Awkward!

So, I suppose 3 out of 4 is not bad.  Three guys were lovely dates and I enjoyed spending time with them.  Ok, so the first two I did want to take further – but never-the-less, I am glad I met them.  Number 3, I enjoyed a second date with, and would be happy to continue dating and exploring.  So far so good, but I remain ‘window shopping’.

One date at a time?

It was during an interesting conversation with distance-chatty-guy last nigh that I coined the term ‘window shopping’.  The message exchange reinforced my view that ‘dating’ means different things to different people.  It was during this conversation that I coined the term ‘window shopping’.  He knew from our conversation that I had been on two date with No. 3, and he had responded to let him know if and when No. 3 bites the dust.



Now I thought that ‘dating’ meant that you could legitimately meet up with more than one guy; that there is no commitment made to an exclusive relationship until you both decide that is what you want to move onto.


It was also endearing to learn that men find dating anxiety-inducing too.

Men find dating nerve-wracking too

Although, it has to be said that dating no longer holds any fear for me.  As I said to distance-chatty-guy, I have my ‘armour’.  This is a little black dress that I feel good in when I wear. I dress it up or down depending on whether I am meeting for coffee for for an evening drink.  I would not ordinarily wear this dress during the day, but it looks good with a gorgeous scarf that my sister gave me for Christmas – and hey, we all need a confidence boost to get over those first date nerves.

Well, time for me to get on with my day – and get cracking on finding date number 5!


Carol xOxO



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