Beware of the fakes out there .. particularly using this picture!

This man’s image is used hundreds if not thousands of times by scammers trying to dupe women.


The #Fightback continues. Fake profiles are reported multiple times, sometimes we are lucky and they are removed first time they are reported, but more typical we have to report them again and again.

Kwabena Thomas has been a busy boy – I have just sent alerts to 19 women interacting with this particular fake profile. This is staggering. I can understand if a woman is approached on a dating website, but unless these women are being approached in Facebook groups, they must be accepting random friend’s requests.

Ladies, if you get a request from someone that you do not know, particularly if they are located in a different country, and you have no (real life) Facebook friends in common – BEWARE! PARTICULARLY if they are using the images of this man (who is real, legit, and happily married).

To read more and see the 100s of fake profiles using this man’s pictures take a look at the website and blog I created to warn women:

Or join the Facebook group Fightback Fakedatingdotcom Staysafe Online Dating

#Fakeprofilies #Scammers #Facebook

3 thoughts on “Beware of the fakes out there .. particularly using this picture!

  1. Marilanda Bianchini

    Hi, just happened to me! This man used the captain’s pictures, with a different name of course.
    I am proud of myself as I discovered his game just checking on the Maersk website and founding the same picture with a different name 😉
    The name he used was Duncan Callum and he started with a message on Instagram.
    Hope this is helpul for other women


    1. Thanks for the update. Unfortunately there are many people using the good captain’s pictures and we report hundreds of profiles. It is a testament to the success that we have had on Facebook that more are popping up on Instagram now. If you are able to save a link to the profile on @Fakedatingdotcom (Facebook) that would be great, and we will report the profile. Thanks


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