Dear Diary: So it did happen again!

Dear Diary

27th May 2018 23:23 

Just as well I am too stingy to part with my cash.  I now have incontrovertible proof that the man (or should I say men) I have been interacting with for the last 5 months is fake!

If you come across a Sigvard Aloisio Torvald then beware – even typing his name feels difficult and wrong as that name is so familiar to me.  This person also uses Looking4Vikingman as a username on dating websites and I came across him on Zoosk.  I know that he also has a profile on although he doesn’t have an image on that one.  He said that he came off Zoosk after we “met” but may actually simply have blocked me so that I could no longer see his profile.  The email he goes by is  He purported to be Norwegian living in Canada and relocating to the UK.  He uses Telegram instant messenger service with the user name @Sigggy and the mobile number he uses is +16 0422 77 488.  Unfortunately it is all too easy to disguise a number these days to look as though it is coming from any country of a scammer’s choosing.

I won’t share the profile pictures here as these are of a real person, and so far I have not found any evidence of multiple profiles using the images.  If you do come across a man with this name though, please do contact me and send me a picture.  I can let you know if it is the same man and also recommend that you do a google reverse image search.  Unfortunately for me, this did not throw up a concern early on when I did this but when I used it again today, I got a hit

Make no mistake, this is big business to these people and they keep going as they do make many millions out of it.  It is organised crime and very slick.

Early on, he even sent me a copy of his passport, which I found particularly strange.  I was already aware though, that a fake passport had been used in one of the #FakeThomas scams and so I was cautious about that.  Never completely trust pictures of identification documents that are sent to you.  The only foolproof is to see that person stood in front of you.

That is all I have to say on the matter, dear diary.  Suffice to say .. I’m off dating permanently!

Later, (maybe)

Carol xOxO

16 thoughts on “Dear Diary: So it did happen again!

  1. Lynda-never again

    I got chatting to Siggy Torvald the ‘charmer ‘ on a dating site. I have all the same photos too. I feel duped. We chatted for months on Telegram.
    I won’t trust anyone who lives abroad from now . This has put me completely off dating sites.


  2. Lynda-never again

    He told me his brother was getting divorced and asked me to give him a code to introduce his brother to zoosk. I think I may have introduced you to the liar


    1. I often thought I was speaking to more than one person. I accused him 3 times before I found out for definite…ine of the newer pictures he sent me came up on Google reverse image search.


      1. Lynda-never again

        I got that feeling too. Sometimes he didn’t understand things he should have done such as he asked me if smoked salmon was fish. Norwegian?

        Did he tell you where he was living?


      2. He claimed to be living in Canada, British Columbia initially and then the project was in Saskatoon. There were so many clues, like the address that he gave in Lake Country being 5 hours drive from Vancouver which he previously claimed was where he was based.


  3. Lynda-never again

    Yes, he told me the same too. But I was so gullible as I was new to this online dating.
    I’m not going near it again and am going to look for a nice man at my gym.


    1. I’ve pondered a response to your statement. Instead of replying here .. I am inspired to write a blog about the sentiment you share. I’ll start with me, and something I noticed about myself today. Hope you enjoy the read (for both) once I post.


      1. Lynda-never again

        Hi there
        I will read is as I’m having a really bad day today. I feel like I’ve died and am still having to carry on.
        Let me know when you’ve written the blog and where it is


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