Dear diary: outing the fakes

Dear diary

29th May 2018 20:15

These images were some of the photos that were used in a romance scam.  The man featured in these pictures is a real person, by the name of Per Gunnar Dahl.  There is no suggestion that he has any connection whatsoever to this scam, and is an innocent party.  From what I have been able to determine, Mr Dahl has a prominent profile in Norway and this is most likely how he has come to the attention of the scammers.



It is likely that email, Telegram and mobile numbers will be changed, but here is a reminder of those details:

Name used Sigvard Aloisio Torvald, Siggy, Sig
Telegram user name @Sigggy
Mobile number +16 0422 77 488
Dating site username Looking4vikingman

Unfortunately, real numbers can be disguised and so I do not know where this scammer is located.

I would ordinarily seek permission to use the images, however, I have been unable to make contact with the real Per Gunnar Dahl.  It is important, I believe, to share these pictures to warn other women.

The copyright for the images remains with Per Gunnar Dahl.


6 thoughts on “Dear diary: outing the fakes

  1. Angela

    I came across this Siggy profile on the guardian newspaper Soul mates. It a trusted online publication and a paid for service. I had the phones calls, the drama of his business. I bought into it emotionally. The widower with his wife dying in a car crash answering one of his txt. Sounds like a made for TV plot. However I never gave him my last name or correct email. Even though painful when it came to him h hinting at money then I started testing him. It’s a cruel game. Thank you for warning off others.


    1. He is using the same story then. He’s a smooth operator this one, I called him out on being fake 3 times. 5 months I was talking to him. I wasn’t able to find anything on google reverse image, then one day he slipped up and sent me a picture that flagged up. It was Zoosk where I found him .. and I even asked them why his profile had gone, but they wouldn’t tell me due to “data protection”. I knew in my heart from the offset he was fake, but I didn’t believe I could be caught out twice. Don’t let it put you off internet dating – just make sure that you can meet the person in a reasonable time frame and that they are definitely in the UK.


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