Why emotional intelligence is more important than IQ: the chimp paradox and how Burger King is leading the way

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Emotional intelligence is the new hot kid on the block

Now, personally, I am not a lover of Burger King.  Not the organisation itself, but the product.  If I’m going to have a burger (at all), it will be the gourmet kind.  That said, their recent ad promotion is genius.  Take a look.

Burger King is leading the way

In the clip we can see young people talking about being bullied, and why themselves, they don’t intervene if they witness another kid being bullied.  Burger King stage bullying episodes, and we can clearly see that adult customers sitting nearby do NOTHING to intervene.
We then see customer’s reactions to “bullying of their burgers”.  The server whacks the burgers before handing them over, and so they are broken and less than aesthetically pleasing.
As, without fail, the patrons return to the counter to complain about their smashed up burger, they are asked:
“Did you order bullied or unbullied?”
As the video continues and the patrons protest at receiving a bashed up burger, we see the servers exclaim:
“We didn’t mean anything by it, it was just for laughs!”
This explanation is clearly not acceptable to the patrons and they demand to have a new, unbashed burger.